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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Libyan Music

I don't often agree with Marco Werman (music reviewer on PRI's The World) in terms of his taste in music. I find he often stretches to give too much credibility to what would otherwise be considered shitty, generic pop music just because it happens to come from Country X (where X != US or UK).

He so often focuses on horrid world-music/electronica fusion acts, 95% of whom sound like 4th rate under-produced electronic crap with "ethnic" singing stapled on top in a feeble attempt to mask the shoddy synth tones. Look, this was done and redone in the early ninties. Now that we've all purged our Deep Forest and Enigma CD's from our collections, can we move on?

...rant switched off...

Today though, he struck pure gold. He covered some some Libyans doing Reggae as well as some traditional music, and every song he played just jumped out at me as "gooood".

The story is available here as an mp3. Here is more info, including some links to the artists.

Props to PRI for being hep to the podcast phenomenon (do dooo di doo doo).


Blogger Younis Bishari said...

Well, sorry to say but the info you got is very poor & the reporter was in Libya hanged out with the wrong people to tell him about music.
Libyans muscians were pioneers in the new Frank Arab music..and if you need more info you can ask me & ill send it..

Libya got what may suprise many people.. but our poor media didnt make things easy for our music to be heared.


4:12 PM  
Blogger jacob z. said...

Younis, thank you for your comment. If you've got more info, please post it, especially links to music... we're curious to hear what you are talking about.

7:10 AM  

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