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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Behind the Scenes at PTR

Jacob Z.: From Wikipedia: In prison, Hicks gained some notoriety by recording the lyrics to songs directly over the Fresno County jail inmate telephone. His album, Young Black Brotha, was a result of such efforts, as well as guest appearances on fellow artists' songs, all while Hicks was still imprisoned. A later album, Back 'N Da Hood, was also made up of these prison-recorded songs.

Jacob Z.: Over telephone? That's pretty hardcore.

Haha. Can't wait 'til guys record lyrics WHILE they are doing drive bys.

Jacob Z.:
Now that's thug life.

Beatmatching the "pop pop pop" of their glock.

Jacob Z.: "Y
o, I'm selling crack to a junkie right now."

Jacob Z.:
As recording technology improves it's only a matter of time.

We should pioneer it.

Rob liquor stores and make the clerks sing backup at gunpoint.

Jacob Z.:
We'd go to jail but we'd be be platinum best-sellers for sure.

And our second album recorded on a dictaphone while getting buttraped by a guard will have such earnest integrity.

Jacob Z.: Indeed.
It will be a crossover to the emo indie pop world if it's earnest enough.

The Penitentiary Postal Service.

Jacob Z.: Let me go grab my dictaphone.


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