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Thursday, January 26, 2006

DJ Mix: A Sample/Source Schoolin'

Dub producer, DJ, Jahtari label-founder, and playtherecords pal Disrupt has agreed to let us post an mp3 of a great mix he and his friend Susann did on the radio in Leipzig a few weeks ago, inspired by our post on The Funkiest Year Ever (which reports on the excellent work Pace Foster has done on this subject).

You can get the hour-long mix here: Susann & Jan - Groovebox 01.

More than a mix, this mp3 is an education. Though Susann is speaking in German, the lessons are clear enough even if you don't understand the language (I don't). The music speaks for itself. Disrupt has put together an impressive collection of well-known songs that rely heavily on sampling, followed by their less well-known sources, as well as some cover song/original song material (and also a little breakbeat science). If this kind of pedagogical approach to mixing sounds potentially stiff, I assure you he's arranged it well enough that it sounds much more like something you'd hear in a club (or maybe on the radio, given all the talking) than in your Pop Music 101 class.

Did you know that Soft Cell's Tainted Love is actually a cover of an old northern soul song, recorded by Gloria Jones? Or that Portishead's Glory Box samples Isaac Hayes' Ike's Rap II pretty much verbatim? Are you interested in hearing the song that Fat Boy Slim sampled for that groovy loop that became the basis of his hit, The Rockafeller Skank? If this kind of trainspotting piques your interest then don't sleep on this mix.


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