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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Riddim MIDI For Download

Here's one for the producers out there - a number of classic reggae riddims available for download in MIDI format from Baroque Dub (via Dublog).
Ok, time to give something back. I'm making available some of my favourite reggae riddims in midi format for all you producers to re-use. Released as part of the digital 7-inch project, you're all invited to contact me with your versions - my favourites will get a release on the netlabel.
Lots of great, well-known riddims here, including Sleng Teng, Stalag, Real Rock, Death In The Arena, Baba Boom, and lots more. This ought to save anyone hoping to do a little versioning of their own a bit of time...

If these MIDI files help you make some tracks we'd love to hear about it. You can use the excellent sound system photo above (that I couldn't help swiping from Baroque Dub) for some inspiration.


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