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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Netlabel Release: Ten & Tracer - Vinculum

Rope Swing Cities brings us yet another great IDM release in the form of "Vinculum" by Ten & Tracer. Ten & Tracer has had releases on many underground IDM labels and netlabels.

This release consists of 9 songs of really lovely chilled out melodic ambient music. T&T experiments with many textures, from dirty strummed guitars to gamalan like sounds to gorgeously delicate analog synth timbres. An excellent release.

ten & tracer - vinculum (rsc009)

01. jealousy is the rage of man
02. nice palm
03. mister patience of a stranger storm
04. first for robert blake
05. thought she was embarrassed
06. hope in the harmful
07. ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
08. we were as fruit - a tamarind
09. the parent of a pitiful child

Download the release here.

Order a CD here.



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