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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gary Numan - Cars

Today's favorite video is Gary Numans "Cars". The real meat of the video seems to be the way Gary stares you down.

Some highlights:

You see? He's sad.

And kinda unpredictable and scary.

You just don't understand him. Why don't you understand Gary??



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Numan's icy persona was apparently more the result of on-stage nerves than any particular 'scary' intention.
It certainly succeeded in grabbing him attention in 1979 and beyond, winning him one of the most devoted of cult followings in the history of pop music. Unfortunately it also alienated the music press of the time, who savaged him in print and gave him a lot of grief.
Despite this, Numan's career continues today. He released his 17th studio album earlier this year to some acclaim, though his sound is nowadays more akin to Nine Inch Nails than the synth-pop of 'Cars.'
This video remains a classic. Thanks for featuring it.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Vitriolix said...

Interesting, i'd love to see some of the original press. it's a bit ironic since this song was by far his most accessible and poppy to date. if the mainstream press had a problem with this track, wonder what they thought of all of "replicas".

11:37 AM  

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