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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Link Roundup

Here is a gigantic link dump, can you tell that I'm cleaning out my RSS feed reader?

Record player made of paper

New Barenaked Ladies single as free, remixable multitracks

Coalition of Canadian Art Professionals Releases Open Letter on Copyright

Mathematical Proofs Set to Music

Roomba hacked into slightly cruddy musical instrument

Orphan works bill introduced: could give old creativity a new life

Historical Sounds in MP3 Format

Super-cool Fairlight CMI video on YouTube... mmm... old skool text mode step sequencer.

Negativland on copyfight -- video

Copyfighting Canadian musicians talk about Parliament meetings

Byrne/Eno's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" -- remix it yourself!

Canada's New Democratic Party embraces copyfighting musicians

Brazil's digital rights/open source -- MP3 of panel discussion

Freaknomics on Jane Siberry's pay-what-you-want music store

MP3 of flexidisc advertising old British holiday campst

The Clash on Fridays, 1980

Classic multi-ending MAD flexidisc MP3s

Free MP3: 1961 record of computer speaking and singing

Glitchdesk - couture circuit bending

Famous Sounds - Impressive catalog of famous samples and sound sources. (from the witness exchange)

Nerdcore artists to release nerd-rap compilation disc



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