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Friday, July 21, 2006

Toy Record Cutter

PTR aint dead, we're just mad busy. I got married and moved... Jacob also moved. The others? They are just lazy bastards. Anyhow, check this out:

Tomy Vinyl Recorder

The enclosed records are made of simple thick plastic foil (red transparent), so you can cut them for one time with the special heavy recorder-needle. You can see the blue arm with two needles. The inner needles "directs" the second cutting needle on a special "track wheel" (the white piece in the centre of that machine.

I think it was made for super-rich japanese kids, but the market wasn't ready for this expensive toy. It seems that Tomy hadn't produced very much, because this is one of the rarest japanese toys. So this is just another case of an unbelievable concept which was ignored by mankind! Million thanks to my friend Hiromichi from Tokyo!!!

As the box shows, this machine is pure fun!!!

You were even able to cut postcards (enclosed cards show cute cats & dogs)!!!


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