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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kid Kameleon - The End of Dub

Our blog pal Kid Kameleon has posted a really nice dub mix here:

Kid Kameleon - The End of Dub

Just like any genre or scene, dub has limits, boundaries, defined edges. It has heroes, great moments, turning points. A history. When an outsider looks in on it, someone who isn't part of that history, you get The End of Dub. Electro, techno, and jungle artists living like nomads on the edge of an echoing city, taking what they need from it and then selling it on the black market or exporting it back to where they came from. The wanderers have the best stories.

I wanted to thread the dub through a lot of genres that aren't traditionally seen as being strictly dub, but that if you go off and ask some of the producers in, they always list Tubby/Professor/Perry/Scientist as an influence.

This is actually a frequent topic of conversation around PTR headquarters: how much Dub ideas permeate and pretty much define so many modern genres (grime, hip hop, trip hop, techno, post punk, etc)... the whole culture of nicking samples and doing illicit remixes. So even though it may not instantly jump out at you as Dub (with the offbeats and the the zoomy space echoes and the booming baselines) if you stop and think about the essential song construction and progression in so many of these genres, it is Dub.


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