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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Project 168 Part 3 - 81 Free EPs!

Project 168 is sort of the audio equivalent of Nanowrimo, (National Novel Writing Month). A bunch of musicians make an agreement to each write an EP's worth of brand new music, in exactly 1 week (168 hours). This is the 3rd time the project has been run, and an amazing 81 brand new EPs were written and submitted. Check it out, and leave comments for the musicians who worked so hard on these.

(From the FAQ):
What is Project 168?

Project 168 is aimed at making musicians more productive. The concept is to make an EP in 7 days (168 hours). All the music you hear on this site has been made within that time.


Mainly to make musicians more aware of what they can achieve in 7 days. Some artists work better under pressure, It's suprising what you can achieve when there is a deadline involved, as you will hear by listening to the previous efforts.

It also gives me an excuse to fill up my iPod.

How do you know if people aren't cheating?

I don't. If artists are interested enough in entering this project then they're going to want to get as much out of it as possible

Is it a competition?

No, I do however ask participants for thier favourite EPs from time to time and put a few of the best ones on the front page.

How do I participate?

Simply email me: HERE and I will put you on the mailing list. You will be notified when a date for the next project is set, or registered for the next up and coming part.


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