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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Famous for 15mb

These guys are taking the idea of the Netlabel and blowing it open to encompass video and visual art in addition to music. Every month they select a few artists to feature. Looks promising.
Please come and visit us at Famous For 15MB, a completely new space for deserving artistic talent. In 15 easy to use spaces, we offer you the cream of all the under-booked and possibly overlooked musical and audiovisual artists from around this small planet.

The works of the chosen artists are presented as MP3 or video files and also as manageable .zip files of 15mb. We present the work of new artists each month on the 15th and will include artists from any genre, background or discipline that we consider worthy of attention from from your discerning eyes and ears. As this is not My Space, not everyone who submits gets to be featured on Famous For 15mb.

If you have a band, are an artist, have a label, DJ, director, animator or whatever and would like to submit something for our consideration please just drop us a line and we'll explain the drill.

Enjoy the first round of Famous for 15mb: Bohman, Natural 20, Massaccesi, Virgin Passages, Sarah Culler, Emanuele, Erik De Vahl, Wyz, Aus, Tenebrous, Virgin Passages, Opsvik & Jennings, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and Agnes Szelag.




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