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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bonobo's Rock

Yesterday on Science Friday they did a segment on Primate Music. Apparently other high order primates also have the ability to pick up on complete rhythms, and even subdivide the rhythms into components (1/4 notes, triplets, etc).

Science Friday - Primate Music
There's research on whales singing and birds dancing, but what about monkeys and apes? In this segment, we'll look at the musical abilities of our fellow primates. In one study, researchers gave electronic keyboards to bonobos and asked them to play along with musicians such as Peter Gabriel and Paul McCartney. In another study, published this month in in the journal Biology Letters, researchers examined whether humans could compose music tailored to produce an emotional response in cotton-top tamarin monkeys. We'll talk about what other members of the primate kingdom can teach humans about music.

They had some pretty amusing footage of of a bonobo jamming with a human... this is just dieing for a remix.

Totally unrelated, but totally awesome:



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