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Friday, October 07, 2005

More on Music Analysis

Following up on Chris V's post about automated song analysis, there is a story on Slashdot called Dissecting Songs Down to Their 'Musical Genome'.
The company Pandora Media takes a different tack for its online music-recommendation service. When you tell Pandora a song you like or have bought, it doesn't mine its sales database for records of other purchases by those who have bought the song. Instead, it looks for songs with a similar musical profile, based on a database of 300,000 songs rated on up to 400 characteristicslike rhythmic syncopation, vamping and vocal harmonies
Also relevant is Last.fm which uses a plugin (audioscrobbler) in your media player to record what you listen too and make recommendations about other songs/artists you might like... They even have a netradio webcast that is personalized to you.

I've created a Playtherecords Last.fm Group. If 15 of you join it we get our own custom charts and radio station based on what we listen too. Woot.


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