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Monday, October 24, 2005

Free Mp3: Lackluster Live

Lackluster is one of the many IDM artists that I've been meaning to dig deeper into for a few years, but for some reason never really found the time. Now I wish I had sooner. He hails from Helsinki and has released music on most of the major and minor IDM labels.

Last week he posted a free mp3 (73 meg) of a live set (set list here). This is his way of celebrating the release of 2 new albums: Slice and What You Want Isn't What You Need.

This live set is really delicious. It ranges from very warm ambient to melodic IDM to BoCesque abstract glitch-hop. The songs definitely have their share of grit, but it never quite descends completely into chaos at the expense of melody and progression, which suits his sound well. You can definitely tell this guy is really feeling every sound and melody in here. Definitely a good sign for these 2 new albums.

He has a ton of music for free download and you can buy his albums direct from him in his shop


Anonymous Anonymous said...

his q&a page is a fairly depressing read, unfortunately. sounds like familiar stuff to may of us: old ways worked better but don't work at all now, stress of living while making music makes music-making difficult, etc.

12 purchases from his shop in 5 months shows up on the front page. yikes. i hope he's feeling better these days. his music is good.

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that 12 purchase from the webshop in 5 months, was, i think, from the birth of the webshop onwards. im up to 35 sales now, from 16/12/2004 onwards. so almost a year. .. should update the news, thats the problem with time-locked news (i dont go back and update them again)..
the same with the q&a, once the new site is put into effect, i'm thinking of either removing the previous questions&answers altogether, archiving them, or re-answering every single one 2005-stylee. havent really figured out what is the best method - i keep hearing the q&a is a real drag to read cos its depressin ;)
btw, found a method on how to "go back" to old methods, without actually going bak. its called a hardware sampler. now i just need to buy one.
e-mu s6400 seems to be the one.

1:43 AM  

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