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Saturday, November 14, 2009


If Kurt Hentschl├Ąger's ZEE comes anywhere near you, you must see it. I just saw it at 3-Legged Dog in Lower Manhattan as part of this: http://futureperfectfestival.org/

Its really hard to describe the experience, but I'll try. You're in a room with super thick theatre smoke. You can see about a meter with the lights on. It goes totally dark. Then it starts strobing and heavy bass and other sounds kick in. There are subtle patterns in the whiteness of the fog. The strobes get colors, slowly at first in a big wash, then it starts to settle into patterns. And the craziest stuff happens, its like its writing crazy patterns of color directly onto your retina. You loose all sense of vision unless you hold your hand right in front of your eyes. Its quite alarming and wonderful at the same time. This was like patterns of orange frosted purple dots on a background of yellow. That's just a fleeting moment as it transformed into something else. Pictures or video isn't possible, I think. Someone took pictures and it looked totally different, like a few bands of color with a black background.

This is one of the few things I have ever seen that exceeded the expectation.


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