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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ratatat's "LP3" is Good


The new Ratatat album "LP3" is really good.

This makes me really happy.

Their song writing chops and creativity are so amazing and original, but with their second album, "Classics", it really felt like a typical sophomore effort. Trapped by the success of the (great) concept that made their debut album so refreshing and unique, "Classics" sounded flat, like they were out of things to say.

While there is still plenty of their trademark over the top, pseudo-baroque, guitar wanking, they really stepped out of their box and played with a much broader palette. You can just hear their excitement screaming out from the dozens of layers they put into each song. These guys are having a blast in the studio.

They even venture into exploring Reggae and House forms in "Flynn" and "Shempi", respectively.

Ratatat - Mirando


Blogger Unknown said...

predator really is THE perfect kitschy video from which to make a campy music video for an electro rock music video.

11:25 AM  

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