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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Contributer: Jan AKA Disrupt from Jahtari.org

Playtherecords is pleased to welcome our newest writer: Jan AKA Disrupt founder of the amazing record label Jahtari. Jan also edits and writes for the Jahtari Magazine which has a great history of Jamaican music.

Jan will be covering a wide variety of stories for PTR: Reggae, the Netlabel scene, local music/art events in the Leipzig/Berlin area, and really whatever else moves him.

We will be doing an interview with Jan about Jahtari.org sometime soon, stay tuned.

Welcome Jan!


Blogger disrupt said...

Hehe, thanks mates! Nice to be along with PTR - and funny to read this! The interview, yes, I remember...

The city is called Leipzig, btw., not LIEpzig. :) In German the combination of 'EI' is pronounced like the English 'I' as in 'I am crazy.' Whereas 'IE' sounds like the English 'EE', as in 'I am chEEzy.' :)

8:58 AM  

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