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Monday, May 08, 2006

TANK FX - A Natural Reverb Effect

You may be familiar with spring and plate reverbs - but this one is certainly the most original and biggest effects box around: an abandoned water tank formerly used to fill up steam locomotives at the Oberhausen train station in Germany. Now fully equipped with speakers, microphones, and an internet connection.

You can upload your own sounds (mp3, ogg, flac) with a nice interface, they will be played back via the speakers, recorded in stereo with the microphones, and the result gets back to you! All in only a matter of minutes. As a fun bonus you can sometimes hear what's going on around the tank while your sound is recorded - the train station is still a busy place.

The site is mostly in German but you'll get it easily. 'Record Sample' to upload your files, check 'Beispiele' (examples) of how it sounds. 'Simulationszeitalter' is my favourite - 'Age of Simulation'.

Thanks to Elliptic for pointing out this wicked project!


Blogger .hc said...

The Silophone in Montreal seems to have started a trend: micing giant cement structures and putting a web interface on them: http://www.silophone.net/

2:35 PM  

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