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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cassette Recorder Race

Until now you thought that tape recorders still exist only to play back those funky old cassettes. But obviously there's another highly entertaining purpose: to convert your walkman, boombox or ghettoblaster into an unstoppable racing machine and do...well...recorder races! This is what they do at the amazing Germany-based RecorderRace project.
After having carried out a careful examination, the tape transporting motor proved the ideal drive for wheels. The first fully functional prototype was the ignition spark for the RecorderRace. So all creative race-addicts with basic technical know-how gathered for a competition with their own race recorders on July 12, 2003. A group of 180 experienced a tough competition: 23 race vehicles (owned by 17 racing stables) were fighting for the glamorous title: 'WORLD RECORDER'."
The race is over 15m long and follows a kinda professional rulebook. Not only speed counts, but also the overall appearance of the vehicle is important, which will be judged by a critical jury. Absolutely check the pics of the 2003 and 2004 races, grab one of these Flaming-Cassettes-T-Shirts and watch out for the PlayTheRecords-LiveTicker, straight from the next race on June 3rd, 2006!

Fast forward!


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